That NBN Speed Comparison Site Now Looks More Realistic

That NBN Speed Comparison Site Now Looks More Realistic

Remember that fantastic website that compared the speed of the Coalition’s broadband plan along with the speed of the National Broadband Network? It was built with the best of intentions, but the maths behind the comparisons were a little skewed. Thankfully, someone has created a nifty button to fix the site and make the comparisons more realistic. copped flak from Malcolm Turnbull as a site that unfairly represented the Coalition’s broadband network compared to the Labor alternative, and he’s absolutely right: the site was comparing the Coalition’s 25Mbps download/5Mbps upload plan with Labor’s 1000Mbps download/400Mbps upload. That’s Gigabit NBN speeds which aren’t even available yet.

Thankfully, a new site called is up, which plays host to scripts you can use to change the speed of the original comparisons.

All you do is set the speeds you want compared or choose from some presets, drag them into your bookmarks bar in your browser and click them when you’re on the original NBN comparison site. By clicking them, it tells the comparison site to adjust the speeds at which the two plans are compared.

Here are the results before the adjustment:

…and after:

The Labor alternative still beats the initial Coalition broadband plan speeds, but at least the comparison is fair this time around. [How Fast Is The NBN Really?]