Seven Fan-Designed Covers For The Great Gatsby That Rival The Original

F. Scott Fitzgerald was still writing The Great Gatsby when he saw artist Francis Cugat's original cover treatment. He apparently loved it so much he told his publisher not to show it to anyone else because he wrote it into the book.

You know the one? The obscured face on a cobalt background overlooking a glittering city. Of course, since Gatsby was first published in 1922, the classic novel has had a number of different covers. And who has some of the best interpretations? The fans, of course.

In light of the release of the Gatsby movie this weekend, here are a couple of selections from Flavorwire's roundup of the best reader-designed covers.

Picture: Bryce Wilner, The Fox is Black

Picture: Jaemin Lee

Picture: Naomi Sloman

Picture: Luigi Bicco

Picture: Nan Lawson

Picture: Mason Plunkett

Picture: Giles Mead

This is just a small selection of the many, varied covers. Head over to Flavorwire to check out the rest. [Flavorwire]

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