Nokia Compares The New Lumia 928’s Camera To The Competition

Nokia Compares The New Lumia 928’s Camera To The Competition

Nokia has a new Lumia coming, and much like it did last time around with the Lumia 920, it’s crowing about the camera. The new phone is called the Lumia 928 and it’s set for announcement on Friday. Nokia has taken to a rollercoaster this time around to pit the camera cred of its new flagship against the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The S III and the iPhone 5 don’t fare as well as the Lumia 928 do in the rollercoaster tests, but to be completely honest, it doesn’t look much like a fair test at all. It looks quite a bit like the Lumia 928 has been strapped to the front of the rollercoaster with the aid of a case of some kind, while the two iOS and Android competitors look a bit like they were being held by a floppy-handed passenger, with stills pulled out unfairly comparing the two.

I will give the Lumia 928 this, however: the low-light capabilities look excellent.

Nokia is obviously on the back foot with this whole camera comparison thing, these days, considering the camera comparisons for the Lumia 920 were shot using a professional film crew with professional equipment. Mega-awkward.

I doubt Nokia would be so headdeskingly-stupid to try that again, but my inner-skeptic isn’t about to put anything out of the remit of manufacturers desperate to grab hold of mobile market share.

Either way, we’re likely to find out all about the Lumia 928 from New Delhi of all places on Friday. [Nokia]