Nokia Compares The New Lumia 928's Camera To The Competition

Nokia has a new Lumia coming, and much like it did last time around with the Lumia 920, it's crowing about the camera. The new phone is called the Lumia 928 and it's set for announcement on Friday. Nokia has taken to a rollercoaster this time around to pit the camera cred of its new flagship against the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The S III and the iPhone 5 don't fare as well as the Lumia 928 do in the rollercoaster tests, but to be completely honest, it doesn't look much like a fair test at all. It looks quite a bit like the Lumia 928 has been strapped to the front of the rollercoaster with the aid of a case of some kind, while the two iOS and Android competitors look a bit like they were being held by a floppy-handed passenger, with stills pulled out unfairly comparing the two.

I will give the Lumia 928 this, however: the low-light capabilities look excellent.

Nokia is obviously on the back foot with this whole camera comparison thing, these days, considering the camera comparisons for the Lumia 920 were shot using a professional film crew with professional equipment. Mega-awkward.

I doubt Nokia would be so headdeskingly-stupid to try that again, but my inner-skeptic isn't about to put anything out of the remit of manufacturers desperate to grab hold of mobile market share.

Either way, we're likely to find out all about the Lumia 928 from New Delhi of all places on Friday. [Nokia]



    I may be wrong but isnt the 928 less shaky because of Nokia's camera stabilisation as shown off before?

      Exactly what I was thinking, although I thought the Nokia image looked like it had been colour-graded, where the S III's colour looked more natural. Overall though, the Nokia nailed it.

    The optical stabilisation will smooth the video out a lot, especially when it's moving with a rollercoaster.

    I have the Nokia 920, camera really is incredible. Low light it's king, no other phone compares.

    Daylight, still great, over saturates a bit and sometimes soft, but still impressive.

    "from New Delhi of all places"
    Is that supposed to be insulting??

      Not at all, just not exactly where I thought Nokia would announce the next Lumia. I'm all for exotic destinations!

        Hehe, Just kidding!!

        What better market than a country with >1billion people with more mobile phones than toilets, loyal nokia fan base and a population that has a great sense of achievement when they have the latest phone in their hand.

        You wouldnt be able to imagine the euphoria and pride Indians have when a new product is launched in their country first. Its like we feel we have been given that importance by the company that we are better if not equal to the western countries, we buy them in droves.

        Good ploy Nokia!

          You know I was in holiday in India the day the n95 came out. The hype for it there was huge. I was totally sucked I'm and got one on the spot. Great phone.

    They should have fixed the auto-focus problem with the 920 first.

      What issues? never had an issue with myn, try testing the Scene options, tends to be the root of any focus issued I have.... Auto is best for all round but sometimes close up dosnt always pick 'close up'

    ALREADY? grrr
    but autofocus problems with the 920??? never had issues

    Yeah! Take THAT all you stupid Lumia 920 owners.. Oh wait.. That's me.

      I'm guessing your referring to the fact a new phone has come out?

      The 920 is still a great phone, but like everything in the tech world, you want the latest and best all the time, be prepared to buy something every 6-12 months

    Considering the debacle that occurred the last time Nokia tried to show off their camera I'm loathe to put any faith in their current batch of comparisons.

    Pretty ordinary "reporting there", Luke.


      That would ruin the phone doing that :/

        Well at least add more apps
        i love the wp8 interface i just wish there were more apps to justify buying it
        otherwise its jsut a camera that makes phonecalls

          Its turning around very quickly I must say, the quality of apps is the key, the amount of junk apps I see on the droid store makes me happy to be on Windows,

          But like always, if the lack of key apps is the reason then cant argue with that,

    The HTC One ultrapixel Zoe is much better than S4 and iphone but may lose out to the brick-like Nokia 920

    I call bull, ever since they 'showcased' the image stabilization on the 920 or whatever it was called, I don't believe anything that Nokia puts out until I see it in person.

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