Mother's Day Gift Guide: Geeky Gear Your Mum Will Love

There's not a gift in the world that can make up for all the crap you did as a kid, but that's what Mother's Day next Sunday May 12 is for: an annual opportunity to pay tribute to your mum and what she put up with for all those years. Here are six great gifts you can get this weekend that she'd love.

Nokia Lumia 520

Just in case you thought there weren’t enough Lumias on the market, the Lumia 520 has just been launched. The good news is that it’s cheap and cheerful. Here’s the price and where you can get it. The Lumia 520 is a 4-inch Windows Phone 8 device with an 800×480 pixel screen, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 5-megapixel camera and features the HERE navigation suite of apps. It's easy to use, cute as a button and a quality smartphone, too.

Acer Iconia W5

If you really want to splash out and spoil Mum, get her an awesome convertible tablet. The Acer Iconia W5 is top notch. It's a Windows 8 tablet that docks to a keyboard/second battery so you're always able to get what you need to done.

Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker

All things aside, you gotta eat, right? Even if you struggle to boil water or make toast, this compact little rectangle from Cuisinart has you covered. In two easy steps, you’ll have yourself a delicious meal that didn’t come out of a box. As a plus, it automagically switches to warming mode once the cook time ends. Easy, right? Mum would be proud.

Canon Powershot N

Mum can use her smartphone to take pictures, sure, but let’s face it; she’s more comfortable with a point-and-shoot. Especially one that combines incredible pictures (that your iPhone can’t match) with an easy-to-use touchscreen. Remember, mum’s not just taking pictures of her lunch. She’s building albums’ worth of memories. Plus, the Powershot N is tiny, cute and super-easy to use.

Kobo Aura HD

My mum loves her Bryce Courtney, but she always ends up reading in the dark and straining her eyes looking at screens. If this is your mum too, give the Aura HD a go. The Kobo Aura HD is a 6.8-inch e-reader complete with a 1GHz processor, a gorgeous 1440 x 1080 screen with 265dpi, a backlight and a battery that Kobo says will go for two months. Did we mention it's gorgeous?

Google Nexus 7

Your mum loves books, music, movies and magazines, but giving her all of those would be a huge pain. Why not give her a device that can access all of them then? Seems like a no-brainer to me, and now it's nice and cheap and available in stores so it's a simple gift. If you need a little more iOS in your life, though…

iPad Mini

The iPad mini is a great tablet if you want an easy-to-use, great-looking device for your mum. It's got all the apps she could want, as well as books, magazines, movies and music. If you hunt about you still have time to get it for less than $300, too.

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

In a world filled with single-serve coffee and cans of Coke Zero, your mum is one of the few holdouts who actually drinks tea from time to time, and makes it the old fashioned way. So why not help make tea time fun with a yellow submarine infuser? Also recommended for bath time.



    Does anyone else think its funny that they said you shouldnt buy the Kobo Aura HD in the review, but now it's ok to buy it for your Mum as a gift.

      Weird eah

      This article:
      Did we mention it’s gorgeous?Review:
      Kobo Aura HD Review: A Beautiful Reader Screen Trapped In An Ugly Body
      Consistency much?

      Last edited 03/05/13 1:57 pm

      you'll probably find that it was written by 2 different people.
      different people generally have different opinions.

    Hang the Yellow Submarine from your car's rearview mirror. First stuff cotton wool instead and drip your favourite aftershave/perfume or aromatherapy scents. Keeps the car smelling sweet and it's easy to refill.

    Ot pop it on your keychain and take it with you. Keeps your pocket smelling nice, and you just never know when your pocket could get lucky! #HTCOne

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I'd love to get my mum the HTCOne. SHe might be able to take some decent pictures then!!!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    Trying to get my mum an iPad mini this year. She would get a tonne of use out of it.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio

    My recommendation is for the Asus ME172V - sure its only single core, but runs jelly bean great. It's a great starter android tablet, and at a price that most of us can afford. Would love to get mum a nexus 7, but they're still running for a bit more than this one, and are probably overkill for basic web surfing etc anyway. Super cheap at dick smith - check it out.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I would love the get my mum this HTC One tbh! I recently got her to like Android, and i think the HTC will make her love it even more!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    I'm sorry.. But are you seriously suggesting anyone spends hundreds of dollars just on a gift for mothers day?

    .. And that somehow, buying her technology is the way to show her you care? Society these days.. Jeez.

    Got her a Cuisinart slow cooker a while ago. Didn't take long to crap out. Those things are shit- poorly made rubbish.

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