Microsoft Makes Skype Available From Within Browsers

Microsoft has finally decided to roll out web-based Skype calling. Over the coming weeks, users will be able to make Skype video and voice calls from within on their browsers.

When it rolled out the new email service last year, Microsoft promised Skype integration -- it's just taken quite a long time to arrive. It's not as neat as you might hope though: to use the service, you'll need to install a browser plugin that bridges Skype and

The plugin will work with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, and if you decide to pair your Skype and accounts, you'll be prompted to download it immediately. Once installed, you'll be able to make voice and video calls from within your webmail account, as well as send instant messages.

Apparently, the software is actually a first try: depending on feedback, it will be redesigned and improved. Microsoft doesn't use the word beta but... uh, that's what it means. The service rolls out in the UK today, and Australia should get it sometime between September and November this year. [Skype Blog via The Verge]



    Can't help but think the somewhat ironically this will work best in Chrome.

      why will it work best in Chrome?

        Well, Chromebook anyway. It's all browser-centric.

    Agree - the Chromebook just viable as a tool for my parents. They only web-browse and Skype their grandchilden...

    Probably not. It's either going to be silverlight (with plans to pure html5) or pure html5 that will work perfectly in IE10, and have some fallback methods to work with other browsers.

    once again, this shows the need for high speed broadband

      Why - because Skype doesn't work now?

    Come on, integrate Skype with Lync 2013 already!
    Have to wait till June, ptf.

    Can anybody give me the link to install a browser plugin that bridges Skype and

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