LG Says 14% Of People Let Pets Watch TV While They Aren't Home

We're at LG's smart TV launch for 2013, and amidst all the LED, UHD and curved OLED goodness we're likely to bring you later on was a strange statistic: 14 per cent of TV owners leave their TV on when they leave for their pets.

Russ Prendergast, LG's marketing manager said that more people than you think leave their TVs on for their pets when they leave the house.

Prendergast also said that research has found that women are more likely than men to leave the TV on for the dog or cat.


Tune in for more LG Smart TV news soon.


    To put it another way:
    14% of TV owners are dumb enough to believe their pets like watching TV
    14% of TV owners are too stupid to realise that a small radio would probably do as good a job
    14% of TV owners clearly earn so much money they can afford the electricity to run the TV for their pets
    14% of TV owners believe their pets are actually human
    14% of TV owners are seriously dumb.

      The way I understand statistics...
      86% of TV owners have Pets that are capable of turning on the TV themselves!
      That's scary.

      Well i'm in that 14% and My pet loves watching the tv and if i turn it off he will actually bark at me until i turn it on. Particulary likes the Discovery Channel. My pet isn't human but is treated the same as a member of the family. Not sure if you own a pet, guessing no. As for the electricity, it's on a timer so it's on for 2-3 hrs and then turns off and haven't seen a spike in the electricity bill. You must have a anger issue that something as small as this gets you fired up. As my younger self would say, relax, take a chill pill.

      Last edited 01/05/13 12:51 pm

        Sorry boozle but you're wrong. I have two dogs and two cats. I don't have any four-legged humans. I'm afraid you're deluding yourself if you can't see that you're treating your pet like a human. Unlike you, I treat my pets as pets. If my pets barked at me to turn the TV back on, I would treat them the same way I would treat a child throwing a temper tantrum. I certainly wouldn't give in to their demands. Can I also suggest you purchase one of those electricity monitoring devices so you can see exactly how much your over-indulged pet is costing you.

        I certainly don't have anger issues. I was merely pointing out the stupidity of people treating their pets as humans. Your passionate defense merely proves my point.

        Your dog already has a bigger carbon foot print than a land rover, why not add to it, maybe you could leave the air con on for it too, or leave the fridge open and running in case he wants a cold drink?

      don't group us regular petless TV owners in with those insane pet owning ones thank you.

    I don't leave my TV on for my dogs but they have been known to turn the TV on and watch it, to make it even cuter, they were watching children's programs on ABC.

      If they're smart enough to turn it on themselves, then good luck to them. I'd be hiding the remote though. Watching ABC kids programs would probably be quite entertaining for dogs...I guess. At least that's better than boozle's dog who's now the proud owner of three Ab Circle Pro's, two sets of Bessemer cookware and six funeral insurance plans.

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