Is HTC Coming Out With A HTC One That Runs Stock Android?

Please be true, please be true, please be true. After Google announced that it would be selling a pure Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Google Play, the entire world screamed joys of Hallelujah Halle Berry. An awesome phone running completely stock Android has always been the dream. Now, HTC might be making real life better than any dream by making the HTC One pure Android too.

Supposedly, according to's sources, HTC is considering making a stock variant of the HTC One. That would mean there would be no HTC Sense to muddle the Android experience. That means we'd use a phone the way Google would want us to use it. What's unclear now is, if it happens, how we'll get the pure Android HTC One.

Google's version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is sold unlocked for $US650 on Google Play. Would HTC go down that same route? What should be noted is that had initially reported on the stock Android version of the Galaxy S4 before it was announced. They nailed that rumour. Maybe this one will be true too. In any case, I'm crossing my fingers. You should too. [Geek via Phandroid]

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