Intel's Silvermont CPUs Helard A Serious Push Into Mobile

Intel's Atom cores have caught a lot of guff, mainly thanks to bad memories of the netbook days. But now the new Silvermont CPU architecture is low-powered and packs a performance punch, positioning Intel to make a big push into mobile.

The 22-nanometre System-on-a-Chip platform boasts a three times performance increase over the previous Saltwell Atom CPUs and at five times less the power consumption. The first Atom CPUs to be aimed specifically at mobile, Silvermonts allow for scalablity up to eight-core SoCs, making it prime for anything from smartphones on up to tablets.

Bay-Trail tablets with Silvermont CPUs for brains are due to start rolling out toward the end of this year. Smartphones based on the new architecture will be following in early 2014.

While Silvermont is the first Atom chip aimed squarely at mobile, it's certainly not going to be the last; Intel's going to be iterating on this CPU yearly and creeping further and further into the mobile space with each push. It will still be a few months before we can actually get our hands on anything Silvermont's inside, but this could be the start of a much more mobile Intel. [AllThingsD]

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