Hybrid Fruits Sound Delicious And Sort Of Exist A Little Bit

I would do basically anything to try a bananaberry, kiwigerine or pinegrape. No matter how varied and colourful nature is, I will always want more delicious fruit options. And Ogilvy Brazil knows. They sense my weakness.

To sell Philips’s new blender, the Walita Avance, Ogilvy Brazil designed this ad campaign… and created hybrid fruits without all the genetic mumbo jumbo. Molecular gastronomist Clecia Ribeiro pureed the fruit that was less structurally convenient, like strawberries, tangerines and grapes, and then combined the puree with thick-skinned fruits like bananas, kiwis and pineapples in a vacuum-sealed bag. The whole fruits had little incisions in them to allow the puree to enter and infuse flavour and colour.

Not sure why this video is in the “Nonprofits & Activism” category on YouTube, but maybe it’s just that crucial to give people of Sao Paulo the hybrid produce they want. [Design Taxi]