HP ENVY x2 Gizmodo Reader Review: Melissa Lawton, Not-For-Profit Sector Executive Officer

Melissa Lawton is a Queensland professional working with The Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee Inc., a voluntary coalition of Aboriginal Elders and Traditional Owners collectively committed to improving the natural and cultural environment of Central Queensland. She’s one of three winners in our recent HP ENVY x2 competition and has enjoyed her new HP Windows 8 convertible for a week now. This is her road test experience...

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My lifestyle has its pressures, so I need to have access to a workstation away from the office. My current work setup is Toshiba laptop with a second screen that works just fine in the office environment, but I need more portability for the road.

My usual style is to carry around an A4 ring bound notepad — with a pen peeping out of it — and truck loads of files to capture my meeting and important notes. Couple this with an HTC phone that stores important voice and picture files, then yes, I am a very sorry sight when entering boardrooms!

But now I finally had the portability of notebook/tablet through the ENVY x2 aka my new best friend, and now I felt like a true game player!

The HP ENVY x2 packs a 1.8GHz Intel® Atom™ processor, packs 2GB of RAM, 64GB of solid state storage, an 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, NFC and ports galore.
It also clicks into a nifty keyboard dock to provide as good a laptop experience as it does a tablet experience. Find out more.

HP ENVY x2: Getting Started

The Envy x2 came in a secure lightweight carry handled box that made my fingers itch with wonton eagerness. It sat in the passenger seat on the drive home, secured tightly while boldly winking at me each time the street lights hit the curvaceous corners of the white box. Yes, he was mine! All mine and by god, I planned on taking my time exploring every inch of him.

"The ENVY x2 was on stage with me during the process, and true to form, worked beautifully as a tablet on the seminar podium."

Taking the ENVY x2 out for the first time: he certainly was sexy with the slick silver case and a lightweight feel that only required one hand to lift. It felt so natural, encased within my palms and when I turned him upside down and around, I was ecstatic to see the 2 x USB ports, a HDMI port, micro SD card reader AND a digital media slot. Very nice indeed!

When I opened the lid to reveal a cute keyboard that looks and feels like a real keyboard, I knew then that I was going to enjoy this. I found the start-up process surprisingly easy and fast...being a non IT geek, I can easily get lost. The ENVY x2 came with Microsoft Office 365 subscription; which was the hook that sealed the acquisition. I need Microsoft Office; it’s the lifeblood to everything professionally and personally, and a must to work efficiently. Installing this was as easy as going to a link, downloading and presto, it’s there!

Using It

The ENVY x2's screen detaches with the flick of an elongated silver button and the magnetic hinge made reattaching simple without really needing to look. I knew this would be very useful during my upcoming two day seminar, given I had to MC for both days. The ENVY x2 was on stage with me during the process, and true to form, worked beautifully as a tablet on the seminar podium.

As a very hands on person, to be able to type a storm and then change the screen with just a touch — and with very rapid responsiveness — is really great. I love that I can flick, slide, enlarge, reduce and scroll on 11.6-inch screen using the gentlest of touch. And that it reacts flawlessly.

The ENVY x2 has opened my eyes to the fact that you don’t need the extras such as a mouse when it comes with a clever trackpad and full-sized island-style keyboard, all fitted in a reduced space but still beautiful ergonomically.

It’s comfortable to type in Word — while my thumbs can move the mouse anywhere in the document that I want it to be.

Meanwhile, the battery life trumps any other laptops that I have ever had, privately or professionally.

Sound And Cameras

After downloading some favourite music from my Dropbox, the ENVY x2 unleased some rich soulful rhythms through Beats Audio which was slightly tinny… but put on a headset and it had me rocking in my lounge.

Using Skype with family, the ENVY x2’s dual cameras (rear and front facing) ensured that I could make myself look stunning before the chat session, while my family looked close enough to touch during.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, I have used all Apple products, heavier notebooks, Windows and Android devices and the experience with my new best friend (the ENVY x2) compared to these is phenomenal. So much so that I will be making purchases for my colleagues in the organisations that work with me.

"I will be making purchases for my colleagues in the organisations that work with me."

I was captivated by what Windows 8 does, and how it runs all the current programs/software that I have on my work set up spotlessly and purely, without hiccups or needing to modify. And without a shadow of a doubt, the ENVY x2 is sexy both as a notebook and as a tablet.

The ENVY x2 suits anyone that requires things on the go while enjoying the portability of fast, sleek systems at the simplest of touches. It is powerful, yet discrete, fitting perfectly into my handbag and ready to go whenever or where ever I am. I think the “love affair” we have, will be a long lasting one!

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