Yo, Facebook, Why Are You Texting Me?

So I’ve been checking out Facebook’s two-factor authentication: ‘Login Approvals’. Here’s how to set it up. In particular, I opted in to the Login Notification feature. I get a neat little text whenever someone (hopefully me) logs into my account. But something strange happened this morning. Facebook texted me and asked what I’m up to. What?

Looking around the Web, it seems like a pretty common occurrence if you haven’t updated Facebook in a while. (I guess I’ve been tweeting a bit more; easy when @LukeHopewell says such nebulous things around the office. #YouShouldFollowMe)

Back to the question at hand: Has Facebook (or another service) ever texted you for patronage? It feels kind of desperate. Like a bad former date "just checking in". But sticking to that analogy, sometimes you get bored and horny. Maybe it is time I logged back in. Maybe being annoying works. Sometimes.

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