Friday Drinks! The Most Awesome Ways To Open A Beer

One of the most depressing things in the world: having a beer without a bottle opener. The carbonated deliciousness is looking at you through the glass, teasing you, popping your tastebuds. But of course, you don’t need a bottle opener to open a beer. With the right amount of leverage, anything can open a bottle of beer. Just watch this video.

I remember using a park bench to open a bottle but ended up cracking it in half. Like most young pups who don’t have access to such liquid gold at all times, I still drank it. But that’s not even crazy enough for this video. People use skateboards, motorcycle wheels, golf clubs, guns, parrots, chainsaws, pizzas, helicopters and more to pop open a beer. You’re going to be pretty thirsty after watching this video. [Clip Nation via The Awesomer]