Freeze Your Target In Its Tracks With A Liquid Nitrogen Gun

Wired had a chance to play with what looks like one of the most entertaining but dangerous-looking contraptions you can easily get your hands on. Designed for use by responsible professionals like doctors, researchers, and even avant-garde chefs, the Brymill Cry-Ac 3 is capable of firing a blast of liquid nitrogen that instantly freezes its target to 160 degrees below zero. Cue a mad scientist-esque laugh.

It’s the perfect way to guarantee an ice cream cone doesn’t drip or a laptop doesn’t overheat. But let’s be honest here, anyone outside of the above-mentioned professions will only be using the blaster to freeze and shatter whatever they can get their hands on. And as long as they put the results on YouTube, that’s OK.

The Cry-Ac the folks at Wired got to play with was particularly neat since it included an accessory called the TrackerCam which provides real-time feedback on the surface temperature of what’s being chilled with liquid nitrogen. It’s kind of like a built-in GoPro, but designed with safety in mind, not for capturing your ridiculous pranks. [Brymill Cryogenic Systems via Wired]