New iPhone Apps: Wikimedia, Google Now, Timeless, And More

Between work, leisure, travel, and everything in between, we’ve barely got enough time in the day to breathe, much less handle the little surprises life throws at us at the same time. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. This week’s set of iPhone apps are all about making your life easier, more organised, and with all the information you’ll need just a finger swipe away.

Wikimedia Commons
: The new Wikimedia Commons apps for iOS and Android make uploading pictures to Wikimedia’s Creative Commons archive a piece of cake. By downloading and logging into the app, you can immediately start taking pictures and sending them off to that big Creative Common in the sky with just a quick title and description, and a few categories too if you feel like it. Granted, uploading photos to Wikimedia Commons from your computer was neverhard, exactly. Now it’s just dumb easy. [Free]

Google Now:
Google Now, for those not familiar, is a very slick app that debuted in Androidlast June. Its main selling point is that it gives you the information you want before you even ask for it. It can tell you when you need to leave for your next appointment, and give you directions for getting there. It can automatically track everything from your FedEx packages to your favourite sports teams in real time. You decide how much or how little of your personal information you give it access to, but of course the more access you give it, the more it can do. [Free]

Feed Wrangler
: While yes, the grieving process takes time, if you’re still too busy bemoaning the imminent death of your beloved Google Reader, you’re going to find yourself in a bind when it finally gets put out of its misery later this summer. Replacements abound, and there’s no question that $US19 price tag is going to be a turn-off for some. But for those willing to buy their peace of RSS mind, you may have found a winner. [Free/$19]

: The stock selection on your iPhone is functional, sure, but it could be so much better. And Timeless may just be the timer replacement you’re after. Create multiple, labelled timers that can run concurrently in a tabbed, easy to access row. Or put yourself in stopwatch mode simply by hitting the “play” button in the exact same screen you’d use to open a new timer. [$1]