First Video Of The First Drone Ever Launched From A Carrier

You are about to witness an historical event: the first drone ever launched from an aircraft carrier. In a few decades, when autonomous drone planes battle each other in the skies, fire missiles at drone troops and battleships, humanity will look back at this day as the true beginning of total drone warfare.

Of course, the Northrop Grumman X-47B launched today from the USS George H.W. Bush at 11:18EST is not the first drone ever. But it marks the most important milestone. This launch heralds complete worldwide mobility to the United States' unmanned aerial vehicle fleet.

Sooner than we think, the Pentagon will be able to easily and conveniently deploy autonomous fighters, and bombers anywhere in the globe thanks to their aircraft carriers. And then, one day, Skynet will gain self-awareness and the human race will be obliterated.

Fun times ahead!

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