Did You Watch Today's Annular Eclipse?

Eclipses are cool. No doubt, but they're often notoriously hard to watch, let alone photograph. Did you watch today's Annular Eclipse? It's the last one until 2035, so share your photos with us and we'll post them in here!

The first image of the eclipse comes in from Adolfo Nazario in Sydney who snapped an excellent black and white photo of the eclipse.

Send your eclipse photos (and video, if you have it) to [email protected] and we'll put it up in here in all it's solar glory. Even if you didn't snap a shot, let us know where you watched it from!


    I didn't have any filter or pinhole box set up so I wasn't able to view it myself. Sydney was only at about 0.4 on the coverage so the bright half unfortunately makes it even more difficult to view.

    I managed to catch a glimpse of it through a couple of small breaks in the cloud cover that decided to roll in at just the wrong time.
    Brisbane. Somewhere along the ICB on my way to work.
    Pair of sunnies. Behind a tinted visor. :)

    Point Samson western Australia.
    A little cloud but pretty good right on sunrise.
    Have sent some pictures on that link

    I had a quick look a couple of times, by looking through the crossed lenses of my Cancer Council polarising sunglasses. (one of them pops out quite easily).

    this morning out in the field worshipping,i think possibly i was the only one who recognised the eclipse

    This morning the skies above were extremely strange,the sun was producing a dim colour of light.As i observed closely,i was amused.It was my first time to caught a glimpse of a real eclipse!

    Yes, I made a viewing pinhole box using cardboard tube and foil, worked well.

    I layered four pairs of sunglasses so my humble point-and-shoot could soak up some previous eclipse juice.

    Unfortunately I was 15 minutes too late to see anything :(

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