Confidently Crack Your Eggs With A Yolk Separating Whisk

Some recipes call for just the white stuff when you're cooking with eggs, while others need just the yolk. And if you've yet to master the art of using the egg's shell to separate the two, you'll be hoping Ivan Zhang's clever Whisk' concept becomes a purchasable product.

The tool's plastic strands feature an indent on one side that will trap a yolk when an egg is cracked over it. And so you don't need to learn how to single handedly crack an egg, the handle on the Whisk' is strategically designed to let it rest on the edge of a bowl without rolling. The only thing missing is some sort of self-washing functionality — and, you know, actual existence — for this to be the perfect kitchen tool.

[Apostrophe Design via designboom]


    unless your eggs aren't so fresh then they'll just dribble on through.. :(

    Is it really that hard to separate out the yolk? I mean, its a nice looking bit o' kit, but really? Who gets up in the morning and thinks 'I could really do with some homemade Aoli, but why oh why did I never learn to separate out the yolk! I know, I'll INVENT instead of learning!'

    One of the most ingenious ways of separating egg yolk from egg white is to use an empty water bottle. What you do is:
    1) Crack the egg into a bowl
    2) Squeeze some of the air out of the water bottle first
    3) place the lip of the bottle on the yolk itself, then release the bottle. The yolk (and only the yolk) will zip into the bottle, which you can then transfer to another bowl.

    Keep in mind, this isn't really super practical, but it sure makes a great party trick.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

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