Can This RGB Dotted Reflector Really Improve Digital Camera Shots?

A photography lighting accessories company called B2PRO claims to have come up with a simple way to improve digital photos taken with an external flash and reflector umbrella. Instead of just being covered in a highly reflective fabric, the RGB Umbrella actually features a complex pattern of red, green, and blue dots across its surface — like a digital camera's sensor — which are claimed to reflect the colours a camera's most sensitive to.

But unfortunately the B2PRO site doesn't really explain how boosting these specific colours in the reflected light results in a better digital photo or easier processing, compared to the light from a standard bounced flash which includes the full colour spectrum. And B2PRO doesn't include any before and after shots illustrating why you'd want to add this to your kit for a yet-to-be disclosed price.

Understandably some photographers are genuinely curious about how this could benefit digital photography, while others are denouncing it as digital snake oil. What do you think? Is it actually a simple and clever way to improve a digital photo, or a theory with no scientific or technological basis? [B2PRO via Strobist via PetaPixel]

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