Bloomberg: Jony Ive iOS 7 Changes Are So Major They’re Causing Delays

Bloomberg: Jony Ive iOS 7 Changes Are So Major They’re Causing Delays

We’re already confident that the next release of iOS will be full of Jony Ive, but now Bloomberg is reporting that his software overhaul is so massive it could cause iOS 7 delays. Citing sources “with knowledge of the matter”, Bloomberg suggests that Ive’s demands could see the software “at risk of falling behind” as he pushes to scrub all traces of Forstall.

Indeed, the sources explain that he’s been massively revamping iOS, “shunning realistic images” and “exploring more dramatic changes to the email and calendar tools”. It sounds like, in other words, a major “screw you” to skeumorphism.

That fits with rumours that circulated earlier this week, when 9to5mac suggested that the next iteration of the mobile OS would banish real-life elements (iBooks looking like a wooden bookshelf, say), but also remove all elements of gloss and shine, too. The idea, so the rumours have it, is to make the software more sleek and usable going forwards, but, apparently, leave enough to be “familiar”.

Bloomberg also reports that Ive is methodically reviewing each and every new design for iOS 7, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the clusterfuck that was Apple Maps last year. Combine that — unsurprising — attention to detail with a complete overhaul, though, and it’s no shock to hear that the project is at risk of being delayed.

In fact, while according to the sources Apple still believes it can turn out iOS 7 by September, Ive has been pushing internal deadlines for testing later than previous releases, and has even shuffled part of the OS X team over to the mobile wing to increase productivity. It’s not the first time that’s happened, though — Apple shifted its Mac workforce to help prep the original version of iOS before the launch of the first iPhone too.

While it seems likely that Ive’s touch will do good things for iOS, there are almost certainly some sweaty palms and sore heads in Cupertino right now, if these rumours are to be believed. But if Apple’s recent travails have taught us anything, it’s better to get it right than to get it fast. [Bloomberg]