Are Aussie OUYA Consoles Not Getting Through?

Are Aussie OUYA Consoles Not Getting Through?

OUYA — the $99, Android-powered gaming console of the future — has already started shipping to Kickstarter backers in the last few weeks, but those getting their orders shipped to Australia seem to be running into a few problems. What gives?

The OUYA forums have lit up over the last few days with Australians quizzically wondering why their orders are bouncing back to sender.

OUYA are using DHL to ship their consoles into Australia, but some people are having theirs automatically returned to sender with no explanation why.

Hopefully it’s just a system issue on DHL’s end and they get sent out soon!

We have reached out to OUYA to figure out what the issue is and we’ll update you if we hear back.

Thanks to Nick for tipping us off!