Anyone Can Be A Mechanic With This Brilliant Augmented Reality App

Have you ever had a problem with your car that left you completely and utterly bewildered when you popped the bonnet in hopes of fixing it yourself? If this clever augmented reality app from Inglobe Technologies ever hits the market, even the most clueless drivers will be able to easily maintain their vehicle and maybe even have a chance of fixing a problem themselves.

Demoed here on a Ford, not only does the app track and virtually label the most important engine components in real time, it also includes animated demonstrations of where and how to top up fluid levels, and even check the oil. It will probably never go as far as to show you how to completely dismantle and rebuild an engine, but if you're stranded on the side of the road because you're out of coolant, it could help you immediately get on your way instead of having to wait for the NRMA to arrive. [AR-Media via Notcot]

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