Ah, So That's What A Moving Engine Made Of LEGO Looks Like

When it comes to make LEGO engines, it's hard to beat Rolls Royce's 152,000-piece Trent 1000, but the doesn't mean we should give up entirely. In fact, we should follow the example of YouTube user "Solde1" and his plastic V16 4AGE engine.

In the clip, Solde1 takes us on an exciting tour of his construct — the oil pan, crankshaft and manifolds, among other bits and pieces — and shows the thing in motion.

Before you get excited by the sound effects, it's safe to say they're not being made by the engine, nor is there any internal combustion going on. But in terms of actually moving like the full-size version, it looks like it ticks all the boxes.

It'd be nice if he shared a few extra details — how long it took, the number of pieces, etc — but that will have to wait until he releases a tutorial, which should be coming sometime "in the future".

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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