After Hours: Best Cinema and Entertainment Apps

Never spend a night alone again with these apps: they're great for going out on the town and getting great entertainment! What were you thinking?

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Welcome to another round of our After Hours App Series: a detailed look into all the apps you need on your smartphone to have a great night. Stay tuned each day for another round-up of the best apps for after-hours fun.


What do you mean you don't already use RunPee? It's the best app for finding out when you can slip out of a cinema to relieve yourself without missing any crucial plot details. It's a must for when nature calls during a film. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Rotten Tomatoes

How are you meant to know if that new film at the cinema is rubbish or amazing? You look at a review, obviously. But what if you don't agree with the reviewer? Well that's easy, just consult more of them with Rotten Tomatoes. It aggregates a bunch of respected and registered reviewers and collates their opinions to generate an overall score for the movie. It also has local show times so you'll know when that Certified Fresh movie is playing. (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, PalmOS 2.0)


Who the hell was that guy playing Third Man From The Left in that movie you just saw? Whip out your IMDB mobile app and never lose an argument again! (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Your Local Cinema App

There's a fair bet that your local cinema has moved into the 21st Century and paid some poor developer to piece together a booking system that works from your phone. Make sure to check out the apps from Hoyts (Android, iOS), Event Cinemas (Android, iOS) and Village before you go through the mundane task of actually calling up to speak to someone for ticket bookings.

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