30-Person Inflatable Lounge: One Toothpick And The Party's Over

Are you in need of a lot of extra seating for an upcoming shindig and a way to safely get 30 guests to shore after an emergency shipwreck? Look no further than the Beach7 AirLounge XL which provides comfortable seating for up to 30 people — possibly more if comfort isn't an issue — in a package that deflates and folds away for easy storage.

The AirLounge XL inflates in just 10 minutes with its included pump, and it even includes a centre circular bench/table for holding food or providing a place for your guests to put their feet up. Just make sure they're not wearing particularly pointy stilettos which could mean an instant end to your party. At just over $7000 you could probably get a mountain of folding chairs for the same price, but just try and use those as an emergency flotation device. You'll be sorely disappointed. [Pro-idee via The Red Ferret Journal]

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