Your First Computer Love Deserves A Place In Your Heart And On Your Wall

Maybe the old computers you've been hoarding are broken. Maybe you just got rid of them before the nostalgia set in. Either way, these slick schematic prints of classic computers are a great way to give a shout-out to the gadgets you love without devoting any of your precious shelf-space to a dinosaur.

Made by City Prints, each of the gadget-maps comes in the form of a colourful 12-inch x 16-inch schematic on heavy stock with just a little bit of a shine to it. The selection is by no means comprehensive, but chances are your first love is there. You're in luck if you pine for an Apple I or II, Atari, Commodore 64, Nintendo, or Genesis. And whatever your pick is, they're all a pleasure to gaze at.

The prints will run you $US40 alone, or $US180 if you want a frame in the mix, but having your favourite old video game console sitting pretty on your wall instead of collecting dust somewhere is priceless.

Apple II


Sega Genesis

[City Prints]

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