Your Bum Makes These Chair Paintings Come To Life

Need to stash a few extra seats in your place? You could opt for folding chairs like a rube, or you could hang that spare seating on your wall.

Dreamt up by Japanese design studio YOY and shown off at Milan Design Week 2013, each piece's frame is made out of wood and and aluminium covered in canvas-textured elastic. All you have to do is lean your seat up against the wall and be super confident that you're not too fat, and bam, instant chair.

The fantastic, elastic works of art come in three different varieties, all equally viable for real-life sitting action. It's just a design for the moment, but someday you might be able to ditch those musty folding chairs in the garage. Scrap those skeuomorphic chair pictures for something a little more traditionally artsy and maybe you've got yourself a fad. But you should probably hold onto a few of the real ones too.


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