Yahoo Just Made The Most Beautiful Weather App

Yahoo Just Made The Most Beautiful Weather App

For most of us, the weather dictates a lot of our day. Aren’t you constantly checking the weather on your phone? Now, there’s definitely a glut of weather apps available, and most of them you can write off. But Yahoo has released its own weather app today, and it’s one of the prettiest apps around.

With the help of photographers and the Flickr community, Yahoo! Weather screams simplicity. Just look at it.

By pulling in your exact coordinates, the time of day and general weather conditions, Yahoo! Weather selects and displays an appropriate image taken in your town to watch the forecast. So at night, you’ll see night time shots and so on. And by scrolling up, you have access to an hourly forecast, five day forecast, the ever important “feels like”, wind and pressure, chance of precipitation. It will even tell you when the sun is rising and setting. There’s also a map mode that offers a wider area of coverage in case you’re travelling.

And by turning your iPhone horizontal, the app goes into full display mode with just images from your city of choice.

Yahoo! Weather is available for iOS from the iTunes App Store. It supports Australian locations too! We were able to download the app despite an initial dialog popping up saying that it couldn’t be downloaded from the Australian App Store. Let us know how you go in the comments. [Yahoo]