Would You Pay $16 For A Better iOS Mail App?

The first iOS mail revolution came and went with the highly anticipated, absurdly long waitlisted Mailbox. And whether or not you love or hate it, who cares? It's free! But now Mail Pilot — dreamed up pre-Mailbox — has officially made its way out of the Kickstarter ether and into the iTunes App Store. And it can be all yours for... $15.99.

That price would be steep for any app, especially one that's competing against multiple free, perfectly usable alternatives. And this final price even comes after they talked themselves down from being a subscription service. While it and Mailbox operate very similarly, Mail Pilot does get some bonus points for the fact that it communicates with your own mail servers. It's also more to-do list oriented, allowing you to create specific sets of emails in a way that Mailbox doesn't.

So the question is are you willing to pay $16 for the app? Is any app really worth that much? [iTunes App Store]

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