Win! The Powerful HTC One Phone From Optus And Gizmodo

The HTC One is a beast in a shiny, silver jacket. Underneath its bright, 4.7-inch, 1080×1920 (469ppi) Super IPS display hides a monstrous 1.7Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, 2GB RAM, a 4MP camera with Ultrapixel technology and up to 32GB storage juiced by a 2300mAh lithium-polymer battery. Want to win one? Simply answer this one easy question in the comments...

How To Enter:

In the comments, tell us "one way the HTC One could change you life..."
Gizmodo only has one to give away -- so the most entertaining, informed and interesting comment will win the phone, valued at $760 outright!

Now available on pre-order plans from Optus, the HTC One arrives on April 23. It also ships with Android 4.1.2 and HTC's Sense 5 user experience, now featuring 'BlinkFeed' -- a baked-in scrolling grid of news headlines and social network updates. See Gizmodo's Australian review for more.

Competition closes 10am AEST Monday April 22nd. Full terms and conditions.


    The HTC One would change my life becasue as a developer i need to have the latest technology to build amazing apps and websites for people to use.

      HTC One meet the kids and our busy lives.... Help me get to get to the football on time and at the correct place! Entertain me on the way with some music! Keep me up to date with latest news from friends and family on the go! Let me actually here a phone call over the roar of the crowd! Let me capture that winning goal as a photo sequence! and lastly, help me find something good to watch when I finally get to put my feet up! Thanks HTC One

    I'm beginning to get sick of living in the Apple ecosystem. I'm ready to experience freedom and try new things such as Google Now and Facebook Home. I want to be freeeeeeeeeee!

    Looking forward to getting this phone next week... But I'm not silly enough to use it on Optus' second rate network!!

    HTC One could be mu all in one device for day to day activities

    * In the comments, tell us “one way the HTC One could change you life…” *

    Its advanced auto correction software would avoid embarrassing grammatical errors when blogging.

    Last edited 17/04/13 2:36 pm

      I forgo my entry and instead offer my support in you winning this competition.

        Thank you. Should double my chances, if my math is correct.

          It isn't, but if you had a HTC one you could use it to find out the exact percentage your chances would increase by!


      It's = It is.

      Using this in a sentence: "It's important to have good grammar when pointing out grammatical errors"

        Beat me to it, was just about to mention that.

    I would no longer have to carry a referdex to find my why around Melbourne...

    no longer will i be bound by a small screen, and laughed at by the masses

    Well considering I broke my Galaxy sII the day I got my first job, the HTC One would help me to keep on top of emails while providing the ability to keep in touch with news with BlinkFeed as I commute to work.

    It would allow me to ditch my iphone and use Swype or similar to drunk text people rather than a pretty average keyboard.

    one way the HTC One could change you life…

    I wouldn't know what to do with my Samsung Galaxy

    My life will change with HTC One & Blinkfeed, I can keep track of all my friend's candy crush activities. GIVE ME A LIFE!

    This would be amazing for me as a musician, the ability to record great stereo quality sound and playback through the loud front facing speakers..i could play with a backing track from my phone!

    one way the HTC One would change my life is so i can finally hear my music via dual speakers on the beach ! #beats

    I am a social feed fanatic. The new HTC One's BlinkFeed will satisfy my Social networking needs x 2 on steroids. I can't wait. :D

    As a new parent, so many special never to be repeated moments are captured on my smartphone, to be shared with grandparents and family overseas. These are often indoors in poor lighting. Having an HTC One with Ultrapixels will allow me to spend less time taking and retaking blurry pictures of smiles, and more time making the smiles happen!

    The HTC one would allow me to change the channel on the TV and drive my technologically inept father up the wall as he tries to work out why Current affairs shows keep switching to endless two and a half men repeats. At which point I will of course ultrpixel his reaction

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    All for One and One for all! I need a HTC One to show off to my friends and show them that they too all need the One!!!

    The HTC one could change my life because I work for Apple and my life would be a lot more fun if all my friends hated me.

    I would use the IR blaster on the HTC ONE to go around and turn off TV's in public places to cause a bit of mayhem.

    Last edited 17/04/13 3:02 pm

      Turn of TVs? That's not very imaginative... go around business after they close, and crank the volume up for every TV you can see! Then change channel to ABC2 so that the employees can enjoy Giggle and Hoot when they arrive next morning! :)

    The HTC One could change my life by bringing me one step closer to world domination... As stated by HTC "Your home screen. Your world." I want to take ownership of how my smartphone works for me so that it complements my lifestyle.

    I will give this phone to my Mum. It will allow her to be contactable when she is not at home. Currently if I need a lift and she is not at home, I am stuck at Westfield until she checks the voicemail on the home phone. *Jokes*...but seriously My mum needs a mobile.

    With the HTC One I wouldn't need Instagram to make my photos look nice, thanks to the Ultrapixels. That's one way...

    There are many ways that the HTC One would change my life, however, there is one that stands out the most. Since I've been reading about the HTC Zoe feature and what it can do, I find myself imagining making mini-presentations (so to speak) about different events I go to and random parts of my life. I could turn seemingly mundane times into something interesting to watch with HTC Zoe. For example, a short video incorporating 3 sec video snippets, pictures and music of my trip to work on a normal day. Then on the other hand, I could create 'Zoes' of something as exciting as having my first child. Imagine creating a Zoe of the night your first child is born. From leaving the house heading to the hospital, to heading home with the newborn in your arms. Amazing! (This could be difficult being that you would be too busy helping your wife/partner, but that is why it's called IMAGINING).
    All I would have to do is hold the phone in my hand and press that shutter button a few times, and the HTC One does the rest. All these Zoes would all be placed in an archive which will document my life in detail, boring times and exciting alike. It's actually kinda exciting to think about, just thinking of it now is putting a smile on my face (and now the people in my office are stating to staring, so I'm gonna wrap this up right... about... now.)

    One way the HTC One could change my life is the joy feeling to see people go boo-boo when you prove them that a 4.1 megapixel camera shoots better quality than a 13 megapixel

    The HTC one will change my life by allowing me to not carry around 4 batteries and a battery charger for my GSII since the charging port on the GSII is kaput.

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