WIN! Sweet Audio Visual Gear From Encel Stereo And Gizmodo

Audiophiles unite! Gizmodo has teamed up with Aussie retailer, Encel Stereo, to dish out more than $5,000 in fantastic home audio gear over the next two weeks. We're talking high-end AV brands like Polk Audio, RHA, Oppo, People of Lava and Pro-Ject. All you have to do is enter here for your chance to score some top-notch sound.

This week's prize packs are for serious home theatre buffs...

How To Enter

Simply click the product links below to head over to the Encel site — then tell us in the Giz comments below — which prize pack you want most, and what features you'd love to have. We've only provided a brief description here, so you'll need to come back and tell us which features caught your eye.
Entries close 10am AEST next Monday 29th April. Full terms and conditions.
Next Monday we'll pick the most informed and entertaining entries — and judge who wins!

Week 1 Major Prize: $1448 Total Value

Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 Instant Home Theatre

Valued at $749 to get the room pumping...

With a powerful subwoofer and multi-driver sound bar, the Polk SurroundBar 5000 will satisfy all of your music, movie and gaming needs all in a fuss-free, easy to use package. The SurroundBar 5000 features... Learn more.

OPPO BDP-103AU Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Valued at $699 for all your Blu-ray and streaming content...

The BDP-103AU is a Universal Network Blu-ray Disc Player designed to output high definition video and audio from all sources, including internet video and radio. Learn more.

Week 1 Runner Up Prize: $419 Total Value

People of Lava Motorised Motion Swing TV Wall Mount

Valued at $349 to help you get the best picture from your TV at any angle...

Experience life from new angles with the Motion Swing TV Wall Mount, which is remote controlled, allows for 180-degree rotation and even goes around corners. Learn more.

RHA SA950i On-Ear iPhone Headphones with Remote & Microphone

Valued at $70 and reviewed by us here at Gizmodo as some of the best headphones out there!

The SA950i combines professional-standard audio and lightweight portability with an in-line three button remote and microphone for full call and music control on.... Learn more.


    Is having clear enough sound to hear the dialogue in your TV shows a 'feature' ?

    If it is, it is a feature I'd love to have. TV speakers don't seem to have this.

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      I've never really understood this, my TV speakers are fine and I only have a 3 year old Samsung LCD.

        I have a Samsung Plasma. Must be it, Plasma has better blacks but LCD has better sound.


          You can't fit decent speakers in a flat panel TV. Small speakers are getting tolerable and starting to last on higher volume levels, but most are still a disaster to listen to and adjustment rarely helps.

        I have the Samsung series 6 led tv, and the speakers are just horrible. seriously horrible. The same with my previous tv from Samsung, I think it was series 4.

      Hence the widespread usage of sound systems added to TVs!

    I'd love to have the networked Blu-ray player as it would give me a very easy way to stream media from my main desktop computer. Plus the 4k upscaling would go great with the 50" Seiki 2160p TV that has just been released - if I won this I'd be able to afford the Seiki TV since I wouldn't have to buy the full system!

    Last edited 22/04/13 3:43 pm

    Polk Audio SoundBar 5000 please. For one reason, and one reason only. My youngest daughter who is 2 insists on pulling the cables on my home theatre speakers and this is the perfect solution, and if you are going to have a soundbar then might as well get the best.
    My Little Pony will never have sounded so good once I have this baby in my lounge!!

    Definitely the Polk Audio SoundBar 5000. I usually play games with surround sound headphones, but when my mates are over or I'm alternating playing with my girlfriend, we go back to the tinny and uninteresting TV speakers. My friends still don't believe that game music is good, let alone surround sound, chair shaking, quality game audio. And as a bonus, if I ever need to switch back to my headphones, a flat sound bar wouldn't take up all of the room! Genius!

    Id pick the sound bar all the way, and my wife thought my late night xbox sessions were annoying with the built in TV speakers....

    I would love to win the Pol Audio SurroundBar 5000. I have wires running all around the house to power my surround sound setup and this sound bar will allow me to walk freely without tripping and knocking down things. Plus, the sound will be even awesome!

    It's hard to be informed when the Polk Audio Soundbar 5000 doesn't include any specs, however that being said, soundbars are still fairly new technology, and coupling one with a Bluetooth connection and a Sub Woofer could be the ultimate home theatre companion.
    As an installer, I'm yet to find a wireless option that surpasses wired for performance and reliability. Could this be the one?
    I hope so.

    I have a pair of 14 year old Bose 201 speakers, which due to the fact that they just , "don't fit in" the living room layout (her words, not mine), they have never been more then 2 feet apart. For me, Stereo is some thing that only exists in the car or in my headphones, so the Polk Soundbar is the most appealing product hear, and I think I could get it to blend in with her living room design aesthetic.

    I hit the Pulk Bar that night and was instantly surrounded by a noise that felt like 6000 dynamic explosions going off in my head, then suddenly she caught my eye, for a moment I thought I was in a theatre, scences from Tron, A Space Odessy were flooding my Wi-Fi!
    She was surround, single and speaker another language all together, I closed my eyes and pictured her in my home, her slim figure cradled in my shelf life. The calibrations were easy and the electrics were connecting. I reached for my control, I felt a cold sensation in my Blue Tooth and woke in a cold sweat with my integrity intact!
    I loved the experience!

    Id like the Polk Audio Sound bar. Currently I have a set of wireless speakers that are wireless in the same way boats are a convenient way to fly. The cables from the "wireless receiver" to the "wireless speakers" need to run across the floor, making walking past the TV in the dark an exercise in daring. It has almost ended in tragedy a number of times. So in summary... wireless... good for the health of everyone living with current "wireless" technology.

    For me it'd have to be the major prize, specifically the Polk Audio SorroundBar. Because we're renting we don't have a lot of space in the living room and I know that anything we buy will have to move house several times so the compactness of that speaker system looks fantastic.

    I would love to win the Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 because I believe soundbars are the future with the technology improving with each iteration. I have the Philips Ambisound Soundbar which was good during it's time but it's way behind with today's tech. I am building a new home and the builder quoted me $749 to do Home Theater pre-wiring (obviously I didn't fall for the bluff)Can you believe that???
    Well, if I win this Soundbar not only can I show the Builder's sales team the value for money of Soundbars but probably even recommend them to market Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 instead of Home Theater Prewiring which will get them more sales :) Couple this with the OPPO BDP-103AU Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player and you have the ultimate setup in my Book :)

    The Blueray player would be great to replace my overheating PS3 for streaming and watching movies.
    The ability to connect mobile devices directly would be great when visitors come around.

    Having heard the sound quality playing off the Polk soundbar when I was at the Encel store last weekend, I can assure you that the only reason that I didn't buy it was that my paycheck hadn't come in yet. The setup seemed pretty easy (just the single optical cable), and while I'd been a little skeptical at first about the wirless sub, I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

    I would love to win the OPPO BDP-103AU so that it could replace my PS3 as a media player due the following standout features:

    - Oppo has Dual HDMI so that I could connect it to my lounge room TV and my projector in the room next door (the wifey is going to kill me when I tear up holes in the walls)
    - Oppo has Wireless N which would allow me to watch HD content without frequent buffering
    - Oppo has MHL Input which would save me heaps of time by letting me connect my android.
    - Oppo has a Back-lit Remote Control for the dark ;)
    - Oppo has Android/iOS remote control apps (which gives it the geek factor that I would love to show off to guest hehe)

    Help me replace my PS3 because im so over the ps3 media server and its crashes lol :D

    Would love to win the OPPO BDP-103AU Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, for neat feature that it can actually play DVD's and Blu Rays.... I currently own neither, and the laptops in my house don't have Drives in them (all Ultrabooks). I would be able to watch The Hobbit in all it's HD quality when it's released here :)

    OPPO BDP-103AU Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, for sure.

    It would be great to have a dedicated blu-ray/DVD player, rather than relying on my less than ideal PS3 for movie nights. That said, with less of my content being viewed from a disk, the best feature on this device is definitely the network streaming capabilities.

    With any device though, future proofing is really important. The 4K upscaling means that it will be compatible when my 6 year old TV gets an upgrade (when 4K TVs don't cost $40000!)

    Polk Audio Soundbar 5000 - I've always wanted a bar at home and this comes with sound as well. Can it take V.B.?

    I'd like to win prize pack #1. I'd like to say it's because of the cool industrial design of the Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 Instant Home Theatre - as it'd match my TV. And no doubt, the wireless setup is very appealing (My cat would prefer me not to get that thankyou-very-much – but if you DO decide to give it to me, I solemnly swear she can have the speaker wire from my old setup so she can properly ruin it - or perhaps use it build the dog vapouriser I believe she's been working on in the garage).

    No Sir or Madam! The reason I want. Nay. *NEED* the first prize pack is because I gotta get my hands on the AIX Records 3D Music Album that comes with the OPPO BDP-103AU Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. I mean look at the cover. It's just pulsing with power and sick, ass shakin' lab-approved-surround-sound-system-testing-beats. Dang. That's a tight lookin' reference disc!

    I knew that if I ever got a decent surround system, I'd need the right tool to test it, and clearly the AIX Records 3D Music Demo & Audio Calibration disc is the best way humanly possible to do such a thing. I will re-arrange my life around listening to this blu-ray disc of audio goodness. Imagine if you will, a musical montage of it changing my life (I run up parliament steps, I punch meat in cold storage, and finally as I try on various prom dresses until I find the right one and then a friend gives me the big thumbs up) set to Kenny Loggins' Highway to the Danger Zone. I'll have fresh new confidence. *THAT* my friends, is how important it is that I take home this amazing blu-ray disc (and I suppose the Polk Soundbar and Oppo DVD Player they seem pretty okay too - I'll take them as well).

    The Soundbar for sure! Moving into a new apartment shortly and space will be quite short. This soundbar will go perfectly with my plasma whilst minimising the space used. The bluetooth connection will mean playing music from my phone or laptop will require no wires, brilliant in a tiny apartment!

    Having a small living room, the Polk Audio Soundbar 5000 would suit me fantastically. While I'm cooking I stream music from my iPhone, which just doesn't cut it for sound. Being able to connect to the soundbar via bluetooth will give me to freedom to manage my music without having to walk away from (and probably burn) my dinner.

    I'd hands down go for the 'SurroundBar' speakers. Just sorted out my media streaming network at home and would love a set of speakers to give the whole wireless set-up a bit of polish.

    I promise to be responsible with my new speakers, and will only play music until midnight... At least until the new Daft Punk album is out, then all bets are off sukkas!

    I would love the Polk Audio Soundbar 5000. Ive just moved into a smaller place and have no room for a proper 5.1 or greater system. This looks like a perfect compromise for my small longue room and sound quality!! Plus i can use the one system to play music wirelessly via my iPhone and TV and actually have some bass courtesy of the subwoofer provided!

    Living in a rental can suck if your trying to set up some sweet home theater. Being poor can also suck. We had a $50 surround sound/DVD player combo till it blew up, it was a small step up from the TV speakers in my CRT with magnet damage.

    Now I'm Moving on up! Finally got a sweet LCD TV, I can see in full colour. But the sound is like a broken antenna in a car, somewhere in the outback. I've got full HD Glory with the equivalent of AM radio. It's like ice cream without sprinkles... Oh how I yearn for a sweet surround sound bar... easy set up in my awkwardly shaped rental living room and of course the sweet, sweet tunes.

    It would be the sprinkles on my ice cream, the jacket on my dog, the speeder for my ewok!

    Unless I get runner up, then I guess the headphones will be my homebrand sprinkle substitute... To listen to my music on my phone, instead of using streaming bluetooth to my soundbar like a Boss...

    Last edited 22/04/13 5:18 pm

    Would love to win the OPPO BDP-103AU Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, because I have failed at making my HTPC and this would allow me to dump my very expensive mistake that keeps blue screening

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