Which Celebrities Have The Most Fake Twitter Followers?

Which Celebrities Have The Most Fake Twitter Followers?

Did you hear? Nearly half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are fake. Fake! Belieber nation is a fraud, life has no meaning, the abyss of treachery and betrayal that is life grows deeper by the hour.

But wait! Surely other celebrity Twitter accounts aren’t afflicted by this unforgivable deceit. Right? Actually… most of them are even worse.

The Bieber-damning numbers that shook Canadian pop this week came from Prague-based analytics firm Socialbakers, and you can see their full results here. For our analysis, we decided to get a second opinion from Status People’s Fake Follower Check, because we’ve been able to independently verify its accuracy in the past.

Here’s whose followers are fake, inactive, or real-live human people — and in what quantity. Rankings are most to least imaginary friends.

1. Katy Perry

Total Followers: 34,979,652

Total Fakes: 17,140,029

Total Fakes + Inactives: 27,284,129

2. Lady Gaga

Total Followers: 36,141,527

Total Fakes: 16,986,518

Total Fakes + Inactives: 28,190,391

3. Barack Obama

Total Followers: 29,817,431

Total Fakes: 14,908,716

Total Fakes + Inactives: 23,555,770

4. Taylor Swift

Total Followers: 26,249,754

Total Fakes: 13,912,370

Total Fakes + Inactives: 21,262,301

5. Britney Spears

Total Followers: 25,683,941

Total Fakes: 11,814,613

Total Fakes + Inactives: 20,033,474

6. Rihanna

Total Followers: 29,204,420

Total Fakes: 11,681,768

Total Fakes + Inactives: 19,274,917

7. Justin Bieber

Total Followers: 37,530,447

Total Fakes: 10,133,221

Total Fakes + Inactives: 21,767,659

8. Justin Timberlake

Total Followers: 18,874,584

Total Fakes: 9,437,292

Total Fakes + Inactives: 15,099,667

9. Shakira

Total Followers: 20,386,662

Total Fakes: 8,766,265

Total Fakes + Inactives: 15,086,130

Top photo via AP