Where Can You Buy The HTC One In Australia? [Updated]

HTC's amazing new flagship, the One, experienced a bit of a delay in production and as a result, it's arriving a little later than we all expected. Here's where you can get it in Australia and when.

Previous estimates put the sexy-looking HTC One on Australian shelves from late March. HTC has been in touch today and told us that pre-orders at Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone are opening from tomorrow (April 5, although Telstra has already jumped the gun).

Update:Vodafone's getting competitive with the HTC One; it's just announced that it'll drop the handset repayment it originally announced on a $60 plan down from $5/month to $3/month. Not a huge price drop, but nice news if you were planning on being a Vodafone HTC One customer in any case.

The device is getting a wide-release in Australian telco stores from 23 April.

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    Awesome, keep the info coming. Smashed my One XL screen and don't really want to fix it for $200. Been waiting for this guy.

      $28 on ebay

        Yeah, don't do that..... The glass and LCD are glued together, you'll need to separate them some how.....

          so they don't work? Still seems worth a shot over spending $200 or throwing it out.

          Watch a video tutorial. I paid $24 for a glass screen replacement for my Galaxy S3 and I will be fixing it myself when it comes in the mail. Wasting an extra $600 on a new phone isn't really worth it when you could just spend $20.

            I never said to get a new phone, I said the glass and LCD were glued together. If you separate them then you'll end up with either a broken LCD or a really crap looking LCD.

            But go ahead, break your phone, I'm not your mother.

              I have an amoled screen. Its different bro

                Not sure if sarcastic or just stupid.

                  I meant the way they put the phone together physically.

      $200? Bargain! I paid $275 for dodgy repair shop guy to do it, and they did a shit job (non-oem screen, broke the sim card slot requiring an extra week for them to fix it up, managed to separate the LCD from the glass causing it to look broken).

    Vodafone are currently undergoing tests on their 4g network today in the CBD and they will be offering the HTC One. current tested speeds are at 48mbps.

    I'm a ninja

    I'm a die hard apple fan. but this phone looks gorgeous.

      Agreed. Apple user here also and I love the One's new design. Even the fact that someone has finally built good quality stereo speakers into the front of a smartphone while still looking cool, is a big achievement. Let alone the insanely high dpi screen, camera technology, and all round awesome internal hardware :)

        Im very interested in this phone, BUT, I'll be waiting to pass judgement until I have it in my hands to be honest. Too many phones get tagged with uber status, and unfortunately don't always bring the goods.

        And HTC have a LOT of ground to make up.

          "HTC have a LOT of ground to make up"

          In what way, apart from sales numbers? They've always been quite competitive, in both performance and specifications. And for my money, Sense has always been a better skin than Touchwiz. I've been using HTC phones for a long time now, and I've never been disappointed.

            really? Not that I'm defending touchwiz, but Sense has been a pig since dot.

            I don't really like Sense either, but I'd take it (and HTC hardware) over Touchwiz (and plasticky Samsung hardware) any day. However HTC are struggling financially at the moment. They make some of the best phones on the market, but they are still struggling to make themselves a household name, and make a dent in Samsung's sales, as they are working with such a minuscule marketing budget in comparison.

            Considering the GS4 is about to hit along with a ton of advertising, I fear that the HTC One will fly under the radar, oblivious to many smartphone buyers who will have the Samsung pushed on them by sales staff and think the GS4 is automatically the best Android phone out there.

            HTC still faces a big uphill battle for its devices to reach the same level of popularity they did a few years ago, but since the Galaxy range of phones came along they've been in trouble. Just look at their declining sales figures.

            I really hope they can bounce back.

      I honestly don't know how people can STILL be die hard apple fans when they do little to innovate and dribble feed their customers every single year with such a bland old looking OS. No matter how stable it is.

    I wonder how much it will retail for at Kogan

    I wonder how well the IR blaster and accompanying software will cater to countries other than the US? I imagine all the fancy TV network integration will be US only at first, but I'm guessing developers will have easy access to the IR blaster to build their own apps? I'm loving the idea of custom remote software that can learn all my IR codes, then be able to design my own touchscreen remote interface.

      Most large brands use the same IR codes for many of their devices, so probably not the issue you think it might be! If you are interested in the nitty/gritty of it, search for JP1 remote control, and follow the links from there.

        Thanks, but its not so much the IR codes I'm worried about, as I imagine that you can just learn those like any other universal remote. However its the TV guide and network integration I was more referring to, which will take longer for Aussie networks to officially support (if ever). No big deal though. Just having a learnable IR blaster is great, providing there's lots of room for customisation (I would like to be able to design my own buttons for TV networks and my various home theatre macros for example).

          are you suggesting that you could have a tv guide on your phone, click on what you want and it would IR it to your tv or stb and change to that program or record etc? that would be awesome!

            Yep, that's pretty much exactly what it does. It's already available as a standalone app called Peel, but Peel have apparently provided the "engine" for the IR control apps that HTC and Samsung are using for their new smartphones.

            Here's an overview of how it works: http://www.androidcentral.com/how-watch-tv-htc-one

    My last 4 phones have been HTC and can't wait for this one!!!

    my iPhone 5 flew out of my pocket on a carnival ride at the Easter Show on Sunday, It is now in a million peices. I'm trying to make do with my old Nokia E51 until this comes out - Any idea when it will be available to buy outright?

      You should have a look at these guys. I've bought phones from them before and they have not let me down. They source their products from the UK or Hong Kong (not quite sure which) but they always come on time and in perfect condition.

    So long iphone 4s you have served me well. Time to move on to bigger (literally) and better (literally x1000) things.

    I was waiting for this phone but got tired of waiting and bought the Sony Xperia Z. I do not regret my decision. With the stamina mode option turned on, I have got 2 days of constant use out of this phone, and trust me, I use my phone alot for web browsing, messaging and emailing. And the thing is beautiful

    After reading a recent review of the HTC One by the Telegraph (UK), I'm concerned over the very poor battery life that the reviewer was getting on the 4G network. (The phone would barely make it to midday). All the reviews i've seen that have come from the US have said battery life has been decent, however they're on the 3G network only over there.

      Eh? The HTC One is compatible with all US LTE networks. Just like Samsung ,the HTC One has slightly different versions per carrier, depending on whether they are CDMA (Verizon) or GSM (the rest) and what frequency their LTE network runs on. I believe the only exception to that are T-Mobile who won't have their LTE network up and running until 2014, but in the meantime support up to 42mbps HSPA+. All major carriers are selling the HTC One directly, so not sure why you think it's 3G only in the US?

    Pre-ordered my htc one silver today at optus! i was gonna wait to compare the samsung galaxy 4 against the htc. But i didnt want to have to wait any longer if it was all sold out through pre-orders. The build factor is what won the htc one over galaxy for me.

    I'm desperate for the One but refuse to pay thousands to a telco for the privilege. I'll be picking this baby up outright.

      all honestly iv looked into how much it would cost me to buy the phone out right and the monthly usage charges. i found overall its not really that much more expensive. It worked out to cost me extra 130 dollars for 24 month to go on contract. that was for buying the phone and going with TPG who are the cheapest i have found.

        I'm with TPG too, my only issue with the One is that I can't find a 3G only, Galaxy S4 for example has a much cheaper non LTE model. No point in getting LTE on a carrier that doesn't have 4G, have you found a 3G model?

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