What Our Gadgets Will Look Like A 100 Years From Now

Some objects age gracefully. Think the design of products from 1960's era Braun. Or some of Apple's stuff. But that's just the design that stays timeless, the actual object gets beat up by both Father Time, Mother Nature and Careless Human. It's going to be rare to see a mint condition iPod a hundred years from now, just like it's rare to see something pristine from before World War I.

Artist Maico Akiba imagined what our gadgets would look like a 100 years from now and boy do they take a beating.

If you're a gadget lover (and you probably are), it probably hurts your heart to see broken down objects like this. Why didn't you take care of your iPod! Now I'm looking at my iPhone knowing that it'll eventually turn into a rusty, moss-covered leper of a phone. Check out all the stuff that Maico Akiba has aged — it ranges from clothing to calculators to vending machines and more — here. [Maico Akiba via Neatorama]

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