What It Would Look Like If You Connected Every Subway In North America

From Vancouver all the way down to Mexico City, if every subway system in North America were connected, it would be quite lovely. At least on paper in this clever visualisation.

In reality, we'd all get a lot more up close and personal with a lot more people we don't want to be up close and personal with. But looking at transit as art might help you suppress some of your frustration with your own city's system.



    That would make a great Fallout spinoff

      Yes, If only someone would make a game set in a post apocalyptic world, where you travel the underground rail network, since radiation and mutants make it dangerous to travel above ground.

        Sucks that such a game does not exist and can't be found on steam :(

          metro 2033 is by far the closest game to this description... $12 on steam... looks better than most games made this/last year... and its great fun! but beware of difficulty! on hard and up its like your shooting marshmallows not bullets!
          new one comes out in june also.

        I always thought the book was better than the game.

    Even easier for Mexicans to jump the border!

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