Watch This Bread City Fall Into Actual Decay

People talk about cities falling into decay all the time, but it's usually metaphoric. Not so with this cityscape made of bread — which moulds and crumbles before your eyes.

Theater set designer Johanna MÃ¥rtensson created this doughy dystopia after reading an article about how the world could cope quite easily without humans littering its surface. He explains:

In a model building I wanted to give thoughts around the reality, that we consider ours and look at it as a scenography to an imagined scenario. A scenario by nature occasional and perishable. What is behind it or what will happen when the decor moulds might not be a coming apocalypse but the creation of a new process. Not without humour I wanted to give another picture of what might happen when the show is over.

So, he built a series of buildings out of bread, left them for six months, and photographed them every day. The result is certainly thought provoking — though we're sorry if it's put you off your dinner. [FastCo via Architizer]

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