Watch These Aussies Try And Break A Samsung Galaxy S4 By Dropping It

Aussie case manufacturer Cygnett already have some skin in the game when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, including a new version of its WorkMate case that will reportedly survive drops of three metres from a scissor lift. Here's a video.

The S4 gets dropped from a few different heights, including a drop from a scissor lift at the height equivalent to a basketball ring. There's a bit of natter about the case itself and how it's designed at the start of the video, which is interesting if you wonder how these tough cases are made. If you just want to get to the dropping, however, skip ahead to 1:50 in the clip.

Spoiler alert: the S4 survives a few different heights, and to illustrate just what that height does to other stuff, the guys from Cygnett drop a watermelon for comparison.

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