Watch The McLaren P1's Hypnotising Wind Tunnel Tests

One of the most crucial factors in making a fast car is considering how much down-force the car has. Down-force describes the way air interacts with the aerodynamic design of the car to keep it onto the road. That way, the tyres are always firmly planted to deliver you the best possible acceleration and handling. The McLaren P1 is one such car for which downforce is crucial, but how does it all work? Take a look at how air sculpts these insane hypercars.

The P1 is automotive pornography, and seeing how it interacts with the world around it is just incredible.

It's important to note that cars like the P1 and any new additions to the line-ups of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche aren't just exercises in straight-line speed or how fast a car can go round a corner before planting into the wall. It's about engineers making science their bitch.

The hybrid 903hp McLaren P1 hypercar comes out this year and it will set you back $1.27 million. Better get in quick, though: only 375 will be made.

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