Watch The Alleged LulzSec Leader Sing Along To Grease. Yes, Really.

The AFR came out and named the guy the Australian Federal Police arrested as the "self-proclaimed" leader of LulzSec. Do a little looking around, though, and you find the most bonkers video ever. I don't even know where to start.

The arrested man is allegedly 24-year-old Matt Flannery from Point Claire on the New South Wales' Central Coast. He's known online as Aush0k.

Do a little searching online and you come across an attempt to dox Aush0k. That is — reveal his true identity to the world.

On the page — amongst other things — is this: a video of him doing karaoke with someone purported to be his lady friend.

It's next-level insane. Next. Level. CRAY.

Aush0k was arrested yesterday and is being charged with hacking offences. Federal Police say he’s the “self-proclaimed” leader of Lulzsec.

The police allege that the man compromised and defaced a government website, triggering an investigation that led to his arrest.

If convicted, he faces a penalty of up to 12 years in prison.




    This is how I'll picture you from now on. Complete with overly-aggressive personal grooming and all.

    Wow, he's pretty. He'll make lots of friends in jail...

    How did I even make it to 24 seconds in.....

    Is it me or is that Mic like old school? How can a LulzSec member be that outdated with technology, and be an IT worker...common now, Security Experts enjoy high end technology and fiddle with them to break them and fix them nevertheless they wouldnt go on posting such videos and wish to live an Anonymous lifestyle, outdated technology isnt for them.

      Baloney. How can you spew forth such drivel?

      Some of the most 'technical' people I know still have 8 - 9 year old laptops and are still hacking the planet with them. In fact, I think you'll find that most hacker types are completely disinterested in keeping at the cutting edge of PC hardware - at least, this has been my experience.

    I am friends with this person
    And this
    I just

    Thankyou gizmodo for being quicker than facebook at letting me know he got taken down by the feds

    Prison lovin.....happened so faaast.

    Another video!!!

    hahah what a loser. they're going to make him their little bitch in prision!!

    "hey boy, your lips look mighty fine, come over here and suck my d*ck!"

    Last edited 24/04/13 4:38 pm

    I think they are going to call him Lol Sac in prison. Not so cool now are you buddy!

      Ever seen those documentaries about Africa, with lions, hyenas, antelope and other gentle, cute furry creatures running around getting ripped apart and eaten ?.....Well, that's essentially prison.

      He's gonna see how human beings REALLY are, without any of this illusory, fake society BS.
      You'd be surprised how easily all that can disappear. He's gonna watch what took civilization and society thousands of years to build up, disappear in seconds. Quite the culture shock.

      One minute you could be sitting there quietly playing cards, the next minute, everyone's trying to kill each other. Things don't change on a daily basis like out here, they change on a minute to minute basis. ANYTHING can happen, anywhere, anytime.

      Predator or prey, that's all it comes down to in prison. Surviving, basically.

      Dedicated to Aush0k .

      Last edited 24/04/13 6:38 pm

    Watch A Potential 12 Years In Maximum Security Sing Along To Grease. Yes, Really.

    Doubt whether he'll even be put inside, depends on priors and if it's his first offence. And also if the judge got blown the night before. Forgot the golden rule babe, DON'T GET CAUGHT.

    Last edited 24/04/13 6:27 pm

      He is currently serving a suspended sentence and he has a long criminal record going from a minor to an adult... I still don't know if he will go down hard for this but lets just hope he does... He was a fool and he is 100% not the leader of lulzsec... this is just his attitude to life thinking admitting to all these accusations is going to get him street cred... It wont...

      Enjoy the soap. Enjoy the wrath that is supermax!

        Didn't know his background, thanks.

        For the SS. Aush0k, there's a storm approaching, and the waters are starting to get choppy.

        Last edited 25/04/13 11:08 pm

    Can't believe so many so willing to pick up their pitchforks so they can enjoy seeing a person raped and bashed behind caged bars, no matter how bad a person is I think in this millenium there is always a better alternative than treating any human being like an animal, that includes murderers who possibly need psychiatric or medical care rather than being locked away, jail has never served to help anyone, it seems a barbaric and backward process that like hangings has no place in a civilised society, then again we are a country that still refuses simple human rights like gay marriage so I guess I cant be too surprised

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