Watch NASA's Space Walk Livestream For A Glimpse Of An ISS Workday

While you're sitting slack-jawed at your computer, there are two Russian cosmonauts going to work floating in the zero-gravity abyss of space. The whole thing is streaming below for your procrastination pleasure.

The pair of spacemen, Vinogradov and Romanenko, only just struck it out into the void, and over the course of the six-hour jaunt, the duo will install the new Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory Module onto the ISS. It's a task that requires enough finesse that it can't be done solely by remote control.

In addition to wide shots from ISS-mounted cameras, the cosmonauts also have some helmet-mounted gear, so you'll be treated to the occasional first-person shot of a workday in orbit. Granted, the full six hours is unlikely to be gripping, but it's worth a little peek now and then. Who knows what kind of stunning vista you might be able to catch. [NASA TV]

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