US Court Rules That Checking Maps On Your Phone While Driving Is A Bad Thing

So, we all know that we shouldn't text while driving. But in case you thought that checking Google Maps was acceptable, a Californian judge has made it clear that isn't the case.

Despite the fact that many cars have touchscreen satellite navigation systems, a Californian appeals court has ruled that using a mobile phone to view a map while driving is still a big no-no. Indeed, it's the hands-on use of a mobile phone which is the problem, as the ruling explains:

"Because it is undisputed that appellant used his wireless telephone while holding it in his hand as he drove his vehicle, his conduct violated Vehicle Code section 23123, subdivision (a)."

You can read the full ruling below. But in the meantime, it clearly pays not to use Google Maps at the wheel — or, more accurately, not to touch your phone while doing so — especially in California. [California Appeals Court Ruling via All Things D]

California Appeals Court Ruling on Maps and Driving



    In NSW its illegal to just be holding a mobile phone while driving except if you are passing it to someone else (presumably in the same car as the driver).

    Two errors in this article:
    -The ruling talks about phone usage being ok if it's setup as a "wireless, hands free device", but even most non-phone GPS systems require some sort of touch input at some stage, so that "no touching" thing in the article is wrong.
    -The title of this article is also in error- A phone mounted in a cradle for use as a GPS would seem to be ok.
    The quoted section about the guy holding the phone is the only correct part.

    Its a hell of a lot safer than what i used to do, have the melways resting on my lap against the steering wheel (usually only while driving in the city), tracing where im going with my finger.

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