This Tennis Ball Bazooka Is A Weapon Of Mass Exhaustion

As far as pets go, dogs are some of the most playful companions you can find. But there's an added bonus to that game of fetch. It helps tire them out so back home you don't have to deal with a hyper ball of fur. And with Hyper Pet's K-9 Kannon in your arsenal, a game of fetch won't leave you wiped out as well.

The weapon of mass exhaustion is kind of a cross between a slingshot and a crossbow, with users pulling back a firing mechanism until it locks, and then blasting a tennis ball at the pull of a trigger. It doesn't look like Hyper Pet has settled on a price tag just yet, but how can you put a price tag on the promise of your pup crashing for two hours when you get home?

[Hyper Pet via Notcot]

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