This Spectacular Brisbane 'Hyperlapse' Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

If you have yet to enjoy a good timelapse this weekend, you can stop looking. This magnificent specimen, which does a great job of highlighting the splendour of various locations in Brisbane, should cover you for what's left of Sunday... if not the rest of the week.

Composed by a Vimeo user with the handle "Daduxio", the timelapse is composed of some 4500 photos, captured over a period of 43 days — though that also includes post-production on the video itself.

Daduxio, who (going by their profile) hails from Italy, arrived in Brisbane in early February and impressed by the sights, grabbed their Canon 5D Mark II and travelled through Queen Street Mall, Southbank and King George Square — just to name a few places — and snapped what can only be described as an absolute truckload of images.

The timelapse includeds a number of "hyperlapses" — according to Daduxio, this is just a regular timelapse, except the camera's position "moves from a few centimetres to a few meters depending on the distance to the subject". It's a neat effect — there's a backwards-travelling section at about the 1:15-mark that's particularly wonderful.



    Thank you for the share! I'm very proud to be on Gizmodo! New timelapse coming soon!

      Great job mate, living in Brisbane you captured the beauity. Job well done.

      On another note though, the 'hyperlapse', did you use something else besides the camera and tripod to get it to pan up/along? Great effect.

        I would love to know how you did the shot that rotates around the singe tall building and where you took it from.

          Follow my facebook page for more details!

        No, I've only used a tripod and the camera :)

    (I shot with 5Dmkii not 3, maybe in the next life!)

      Have you tried using the 5d with a GIGAPAN system.. ? It is awesome! Still trying to put together one I did a Mrs Macquaries' Chair in Syd 1 yr ago :( No Time :( :(

      And I am alone :) Daduxio is just my nickname :)

    Hmm, not bad.. But why Brisbane..

    Also I woke up with a pair of bewbs in my face this morning.. So best thing i'll see today? I think not, sir.

      Lah di dah Mr Boob-face.

    pretty cool clip, nice work

    Last edited 07/04/13 2:56 pm

    That's awesome, especially since I know a lot of those places. But I've got to point out there are a few shots of the Redcliffe waterfront and Jetty, which 'actually' isn't a part of Brisbane.

      C'mon - it's part of Metropolitan Brisbane. Just because it's in a different LGA doesn't make it any less Brisbane.

    Amazing photography that can make a shit-hole like Brisbane actually look appealing.

    This must have been filmed on the three days in Feb / March where it wasn't pissing with rain.

      Exactly :)

    This timelapse of Brisbane should be used for some tourism video or something! It's gorgeous!

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