This Pristine Coffee Grinder Looks Like A Jet Engine

A quality grinder is an essential tool in making good coffee or espresso, but they’re often known more for their utility than their beauty. The HG-One, however, is a different beast. Its sleek beauty will make you forget how much cranking is involved.

The HG-One requires good old-fashioned human strength to grind beans into fine grounds. Ironic, considering how futuristic the thing looks. Seems like annoying task to do every morning, but good design always comes at a cost.

What about quality? The grinder uses conical burrs, the standard in good grinders. But it’s more than just the burr that matters. The construction must be precise, as any play or misalignment can lead to inconsistent grind size and thus sub-par coffee.

Can the HG-One deliver on that front? You’ll have to plunk down about $900 to find out. But for now, might as well just sit back and enjoy the view. [HG-One Grinder via NotCot]