These People Were Caught Having Sex On Street View In South Australia

It's amazing what people get caught doing on Google Maps. There have been scuba-clad crazies ambushing the Street View camera cars and people have burned genitalia into sports ovals so it can be immortalised by Google Earth satellites. Now it seems that Google Street View has captured something crazy closer to home: two people fornicating on a highway in South Australia.

A Reddit Australia member discovered the public fornication in the wee hours of this morning, and posted the photo online. The couple are propping themselves up on the hood of their BMW, and look very shocked indeed that they have just been apparently snapped by a camera car.

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The image was captured on the Dukes Highway in South Australia, and it's interesting to see the couple's reaction as soon as the Street View car has driven off. The couple moves to the left hand side of the vehicle, possibly to continue their congress. That's at least assuming they were in coitus at the time they were snapped and not actually faking it for the camera. It doesn't look like something that has been faked, but now that it's blurred we'll never know for sure.

Sadly, Google almost immediately blurred the two as soon as the coupling was discovered. Check out the uncensored, NSFW photo here. [r/australia]




    looking at the NSFW pic that girl looks under age, or maybe its just the way she is standing?

      There's no way that girl is under 16. Looks around 19. Could be 17-18. No way is she 15.

    Wait, I have a mate in South Australia and he owns a beemer, tweeting this to him right now..

      oh so its your mate who owns the only beemer in SA

        Sorry to hear your sarcasm plugin isn't working.

          sorry to hear yours is broken too

            That was a weak comeback

    Ah yes when Mum and Dad see this they will be so proud....! ;)

    "doesn’t look like something that has been faked, but now that it’s blurred we’ll never know for sure"... Luke I think you need to get a little more action, her shirt is clearly too low for any "real" contact to be occuring

    Nobody actually thinks this is real, right? They're basically posing for the camera. Not to mention even if they didn't know it was the Google car, they would still hear a car coming.

      Anyone whos done it on the hood of a car knows this is fake and for good reasons, the positioning is completely off for him lol. He'd be bent kneed to get lower and she'd be more 'raised' lol. It's a total set up.

        hahah i was looking at it thinking, "i dont think he has enough leverage in that shot"

    Look at their poses, this is clearly staged for the Google van! C'mon look, surely your better at reading body language than this.

    I don't know about you guys, but when I'm having doggy style relations with a lady I try toposition myself so I am not fornicating with her back

    I concur. Positioning is all wrong, and I could be wrong but it looks like he's sipping a beer. Either it's a pose or they're WAY drunk.

    I reckon its fake but if not it is pro ;p

    Dukes Highway isn't exactly a lonely road out in the donga... It's the main Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne...
    It's clearly a setup. They overtook the Google Car, decided what "prank" they would pull and now they've been blurred from existence.

    Turn the camera and look up at the sun. What The Fuck is that big purple thing!? Are we also being invaded in this image?

      Invaded by water droplets?? Haha did you come down in the last shower??

        It's not a water droplet... ITS THE MONEYSHOT!!!!

    too all the naysayers he could be visiting the back door...

    but that said its probably most definitely faked

    Useed Hyperlapse on the location.,140.41034000000002,-36.14486274945098,140.4108718703385,-36.145210000000006,140.41172,1.5574999999999974,113.75

    Hilarious. I also bumped into another Google Street View where a couple of Irish lads are doing the wild thing -

    How is it possible that I am posting on this so late, and no one else has pointed out that he's sculling a beer too?


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