These Are The First Videos Being Shot With Google Glass

It's been a long wait, but the very first videos shot with Google Glass out in the wild are finally starting to pop up on the internet. Some of them almost live up to the crazy spectacle of the first Google demos, but most don't. At least not yet. Here are the first ones out so far.

As you can see, the quality is pretty good, and that shouldn't be surprising considering the camera shoots in 720p. Granted, it's not going to look perfect if you blow it up to full screen, but it's a damn sight better than strapping a webcam to your head or something.

Matt Abdou racing go-karts in Burlingame, California.

Dan McLaughlin unboxing of Glass through Glass. Meta.

#ifIhadglass I'd... record myself playing a LOTR video game? I guess?

How to complete a plastic ball puzzle. In first person!

Accidental video has never been easier!



    I reckon the first few videos can't be shared in most places ;-)

    Just what the world needs... more first person video of people doing mundane things.

    Thanks Google Glass.

      only now we can to enjoy them with hands adjusting the glasses.

        Apparently (like the last video) you have to tap it every 10 seconds to extend the video (as it defaults to record only in 10 second chunks). If that's true.... wow, that's weird.

          I guess most things you would want to record on a day-to-day basis would be around 10 seconds. I'm sure there will be a way to extend the default.

            Of course there is... The go karts was more than 10 seconds...

    There are a few demo videos online that show what seems to be google glass operating as an ip camera/skype cam to stream live video. Is this an actual feature or has it been edited?

    Wait. So you say "record" or whatever and it starts recording right? So you could just go up to people wearing glasses and scream "RECORD" at them and set them off?

    Last edited 18/04/13 9:03 am

      I don't think you can do that without getting your mouth right up against theirs. Even if that's not by design it seems pretty sucky at picking up clear audio from other people. I'd also imagine the keyword is (second silence) record (second silence) so that you can't trick them by getting them to say record in a sentence.

      That said, if I ever use something like this I want it to have either a classic iPod touchwheel watch, or a wrist marker for an AR control pad. Voice control just seems like a messy, sucky way of doing it.

        Voice control is so... eighties, in a way. I agree that it needs a more direct, foolproof control method.

          That's a good way of putting it. It's that futuristic innovation that people don't seem to realise we've already made totally and utterly obsolete. Like the classic image of a 3D VR file management system that puts you inside your computer, voice recognition was replaced by the keyboard and mouse decades ago.

        Pretty sure you have to touch the side and then say something.

      That's what I was wondering too. When Siri was first available I used to inb4 my mates saying stuff like "Siri, I want to buy a dildo" etc lol

    This is nothing new. It's just like strapping a GoPro to your head.

      No it isn't. It costs 3 times as much so it's better. ;)

        That's how you know Apple products are better, too. :P

        Last edited 18/04/13 10:08 am

      It's not quite the same. GoPro is generally only suitable to be mounted from the chest or above the head, whereas this would be straight from the eyes, making first person video a little more first person. It's a subtle difference as chest/head mounts are both actually quite good for first person, but there would be situations in which eyes offer the best perspective.

      That said, there's already a huge market for video camera glasses!

        Next up... 3d video from google glass at twice the price

      But you are only comparing video... That is only one of the Glass features.

      To truly replicate Glass you'd have to strap a lot more than a GoPro to your head.

        To be fair they both do a pretty good job of making you look like a douche. ;)

          Only to people who thought a bluetooth device in your ear looked douchey. Personally, I'm more interested in how cool it is to use, not how uncool I'll look to other people while using it. Just my ¥2.

    Wow, it's just like GoPro, but the quality is crappier!

    found some on ebay.. its a 2 pack :P

    Finally you can all watch me take out the garbage and mow the lawn from MY perspective. Man you are all in for a treat.

      Your old garbage removal & lawn mowing videos are pretty good so I'm definitely looking forward to a first-person version.

    The 3 puzzle ball is way more interesting than the google glasses themselves.

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