The War For Kogan Mobile

The War For Kogan Mobile

Kogan Mobile and its Telstra wholesaler, ISPOne, are locked in an intense court battle right now over the alleged unauthorised suspension of customers for infringing on the wholesalers acceptable use policy. Court documents reveal, however, that the feud between Kogan and ISPOne goes deeper than we ever knew.

Court documents we obtained this morning reveal a mess of backroom meetings, emails and phone calls between Kogan Mobile staff and ISPOne.

The two affidavits allege that Kogan Mobile was at the mercy of ISPOne after the wholesaler allegedly wandered into the telco’s retail systems and started “flagging” customers in breach of the acceptable use policy, preventing them from recharging.

Kogan Mobile alleges that between March and April, approximately 2000 customers of the telco’s 60,000-odd customer base were “in breach” of the acceptable use policy, which mandates that anyone using over 400MB of data or 12 hours of total calls in one day would be in breach.

These flags were allegedly added without the approval of Kogan Mobile. Kogan Mobile staff decided it was time to take action, and attempted to access ISPOne’s own systems to remove the flags. It was a futile attempt, however, when they discovered that they weren’t allowed to remove the flags.

You can find the two affidavits here and here. They’re well worth a read to find out exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.