The Perfect Sofa For When You Don't Want To Snuggle

A big comfy couch is fine when you know who you're cosying up to. But when it's all strangers squeezed together on a sofa, you're probably more inclined to just stand. Unless it's Matali Crasset's Concentré De Vie, which features removable cushions that double as single seats.

When fully assembled the Concentré De Vie can comfortably seat two, but even with the cushions and armrests/footrests removed, a padded base still makes it a comfy place to sit. Designed for Campeggi, the only thing really missing from the couch is maybe a set of legs so you're not almost sitting on the floor. But antisocial beggars can't be choosers.

[Matali Crasset via designboom]

Picture: designboom

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