Telstra Plans To Stop Its 3G Ski Signal From Perishing

We want 3G everywhere, it seems. Telstra's announced upgrade plans for its mobile communications tower in NSW ski town Perisher. The aim is to provide better service and lessen the possibility of employees being impaled by shards of falling ice.

ITNews reports on the move, which will see the current 11m communications pole replaced with a 26.3m pole that should improve signal as well as deal with a distinct occupational health and safety issue. It's not just Telstra employees, as presumably the pole itself doesn't need that much maintenance, but the workers nearby at a waste transfer station who run the risk of being hit with shards of ice that come tumbling off the existing pole. The new pole should also enable emergency communication on Perisher's slopes, something that currently can't be done. [ITNews]

Image: Tim In Sydney

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