Sydney University Plays The Freaking Game Of Thrones Theme On Its Bell Tower

Yeah, you read right: the goddamn University of Sydney — those smartypantses — rigged their bell tower so it would play the incredible opening theme to Game Of Thrones. This is awesome.

This video was uploaded — and presumably captured — on Friday outside the main hall of the University of Sydney, and the jaunty bells are ringing out in clear, crisp harmony, the theme to Game of Thrones.

I think I have watched this 20 times already, and I might just watch it another 20. It's just incredible. Top work, USyd hunchbacks.

Someone superimpose the audio from this video to a campus map, stat!

Here's the real Game Of Thrones theme for a comparison.


      That was great. Thanks for posting. Awesome skills. It was good to see that it's not computer controlled

      Last edited 28/04/13 10:29 am

        I thought a brass instrument would be the most annoying instrument for other when practicing. with this you can bother the whole

    I'm pretty sure that bell tower was playing waltzing Matilda on Wednesday when I was there

    no hacking here, the bells are played by a sweet old lady. she just learnt and played the tune.

    why would you call this a hack?!

    Imagine the pressure. If he had of missed a single note GOT fanbois would have started a lynch mob ?

    Agree no hacking occurred the original play of the theme song on bells at the University of Sydney was by Isaac Wong a colleague of mine. Check out his youtube video "Game of Thrones Opening Theme on the Sydney University Carillon":

    & his channel for other weird & wonderful tunes played on the the Taylor bells!

      Seriously Gizmodo, normally you're good with this stuff, but it really wasn't hard to find Isaac Wong playing this - it was uploaded on March 15. Instead of watching the most recent upload 20 times how about doing some research and paying credit to the guy who actually did it, rather than some iPhone carrying random?


      Kudos to Mr. Wong, Kudos.

    Since when has hack been used in such a broad term

    "I left my facebook signed in at my friends place" = Got facebook hacked
    "I let me friend use my phone and they sexted my mum" = Friend hacked my phone
    "Someone learned how to play the GoT Theme with bells" = They hacked the bells

    Well damn, I am going to go hack the toilet and upload a log file called food.dmp

      While you do that, I'll be hacking my firewood so it's the right size to burn.

      ...wait, that didn't work.

      I think "hack" nowadays means "hijack".... it's disappointing, but it makes sense.

    It's a Carillon ;)

    USyd Game of Thrones being NEW? Pah, obviously never been an academic there! I'd say working there was one of the ORIGINAL Game of Thrones!!!!! Or was that RPA... meh, same deal :p


    Sydney University Plays The The Freaking Game Of Thrones Theme On Its Bell Tower

    And here forth the 26/4 shall be GoT day at Usyd

    Haha, he removed, 'Hack,' from the title.

    So many people missing the definition of the word "hack" when used in this context.
    He's not saying that the bells were "hacked" into.

    In this context I would say it means "to use for purposes other than those for which they were intended".

    The funny part is that every student at Sydney University pirated it.

    was it that thomas ness guy. He is such a nerd

    Shame he didn't remove freaking or goddamn. So goddamn freaking unnecessary.

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