Sony's 4K TVs Will Be Surprisingly Affordable, In That They Cost Less Than A Car

The $US25,000 pricetag attached to Sony's 84-inch UltraHD set — the one that's been haunting your dreams since CES — may put that super-sized set out of your financial reach but that doesn't mean everything 4K is prohibitively expensive. In fact, Sony's new 55- and 65-inch sets are downright inexpensive (by comparison) and will be available for pre-order by the end of the month.

Sony's 55-inch XBR-55X900A will retail for $US5,000 while the 65-inch XBR-65X900A will run you $US7,000. That's actually nearly on par with the cost of current high-end sets like Sharp's upcoming 8-series or Samsung's 75-inch UN75ES9000. Both Sony sets will be available for online and in-store pre-order beginning April 21.

Now, before you start freaking out about the lack of native 4k content available, don't worry. For another $US700, you can pick up the FMP-X1 4K Media Player later this summer. It comes with 10 4K resolution feature-length and short films to keep you entertained until Netflix starts streaming Ultra-HD content.

And, come fall, that same media player will be able to connect to Sony's upcoming 4K streaming service. The movie selections include some solid titles like The Bridge Over River Kwai, The Other Guys and Taxi Driver, they also contain some forgettable titles like Bad Teacher and Salt, as well as some serious dreck like The Karate Kid and Total Recall reboots plus *shudder* That's My Boy. What's more, Sony is also re-releasing a bunch of classic titles on Blu-ray that have been remastered in 4K in conjunction with the new TVs that will be able to play both 1080P video of standard Blu-ray as well as seamlessly upscale to the UltraHD format.

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    To a generation who are happy with watching 240p on YouTube what could 4K possibly mean?

      Speak for yourself. I struggle to watch a youtube video below 720p. Addicted to resolution

    lol 4k streaming videos, it will be like streaming 1080p on dialup for quite a lot of people

      Which is one reason to have a NATIONAL broadband network.

    sat in front of the 80 odd inch 4k tv in the ther berlin sony building. just sat there and watched the demo on loop, was amazing.

    All the internet service providers are probably thinking "......fuck, we're gonna have to completely scrap data caps to meet the 4K resolution for streaming services".

    Makes me wonder how phone carriers are still able to get away with data caps. We're living in an era of instant streaming.

    Geez, Jean-Luc get Geordi to whip up the Subspace net and we can stream straight into our private holodecks and live the bandwidth dream

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